About Us

At CFGP, our values are COMMUNITY, FITNESS, and RESULTS.

  • Build a COMMUNITY of like-minded people
  • Create an inclusive FITNESS program
  • Give people the RESULTS they deserve

Our programs are for people who are willing to set their sights on a goal and work to achieve it. We can show you the way, all you need to provide is the effort. This fuels our philosophy #GETSWEATYWITHASMILE

What can CFGP do for you?

As Fitness Professionals, we are your first step in preventative care. You are the second. We give you the tools you need in the gym to be successful. It is up to you to use them outside the gym every day. Preventative care starts with us, together.

  • Improve your cardio endurance
  • Increase your strength
  • Promote mobility and joint flexibility
  • Keep you motivated and accountable
  • Shed any unwanted pounds
  • Help you live an overall healthier lifestyle


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