Rebecca Breve

Rebecca Breve

Crossfit Coach





Physical Therapist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

About Coach

I have been an athlete throughout my whole life. I played soccer, basketball, and tennis and performed martial arts before specializing in soccer in college. I was born and raised in Honduras and had the privilege of playing for the Honduras National Soccer Team. After college, I decided to go into PT school, with the goal to teach athletes how to be successful on the field by taking the time to rehab. It was from PT that I learned how to coach someone through an injury and beyond that to return to sport.

Turning Point

I joined Crossfit because I was looking to do something different than the traditional strength training at a gym. I fell in love with it not because I was good at it, but rather because it challenged me in ways I had not been challenged in sports before. I pride myself on my speed and power, which are great qualities for most sports, in CrossFit though I have learned how to slow down my movements to perfect my form and enhance my power. These attributes have helped me pace through workouts and get more out of a workout than I ever had before.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help CrossFit athletes reach their goals and motivate them to achieve what they believe is the impossible. I love watching someone hit their target weight, lift beyond what they thought was capable and perform a movement that they never thought they could master. My favorite part of physical therapy is preventative rehabilitation, and I believe we can achieve that through different means, CrossFit being one.

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